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Making Marketing Smarter Amidst the Cuts - Marketing budgets are reevaluated due to the economy, it discusses what changes management may face.

Practical Marketing - Covers ways to handle certain marketing encounters such as potential problems, how to start a business, tips on making a timely and cost-effective marketing plan, etc.

Important Elements of a Viral Marketing Campaign - Discusses how to make a marketing campaign go viral.

101 Marketing Strategies, Tips, Insights and Marketing Tools - Gives different strategies and advice to use when trying to market.

Marketing for Success - Download free eBooks that could benefit your advancement in marketing. 

Sport Marketing

Sport Marketing Association - Works to build a relationship between sport professionals and business professionals.

Pro Sport Marketing - Gives the process for how product placement works, steps include: contact, evaluate, plan, strategic placement, and results. 

National Sports Marketing Network - Gives sports marketing professionals a way to network with each other in order to further their knowledge and experience. 

KCB Sports Marketing - Helps professional athletes on and off the field by representing them as clients in the marketplace.  

Steiner Sports Marketing - Uses brands to format communications campaigns while also offering specific services such as celebrity procurement, events and hospitality, and corporate incentives and rewards. 


Advertising Marketing - Works for you to get your message to the right audience at the right time.

Media Awareness Network - Share commonly used advertising strategies like selective editing, excitement, and star power. 

Global Advertising Strategies - Finds ways to target a specific audience with a particular product; in this case an airline tries to develop a strategy to reach the U.S.

Marketing by Definition - A broad overview of what marketing is with a few basic definitions. 

Internet Advertising Strategies for Small Businesses - Informs you on what to do in order to advertise your product once you've got the basic marketing job done. 


Effective Coaching - Defines coaching, as well as lists goals, roles, and benefits for coaching.

Tips for Effective Coaching - Covers aspects of coaching in a business-like setting.

Keys to Effective Coaching - Talks about guidelines, questions, and involvement of coaching. 

Three Coaching Styles - Discusses the three styles of coaching: command, submissive, and cooperative.

Sport Learning - Coaching Styles and Methods - Presents different styles and methods of coaching and also discusses phases of performance. 

Sports interests

Radford University Softball - This site keeps viewers frequently informed of the progress of the Radford University Softball team and activities that the athletes may be involved in. 

Big South Conference Sports - Gives continuous updates on all athletic events across the Big South participants.

ESPN - ESPN provides viewers with in-depth sports reports that occur throughout the country and occasionally world wide. 

Sporting News Today - Sports reports of professional leagues and events updates, scores, and stories in regards to collegiate sports. 

Major League Baseball Schedule - Presents a daily schedule of games that are to take place in Major League Baseball.

Motivation in Sport

Peak Performance: Sport Excellence - Defines and describes motivation in sport performance. 

Top End Sports - Hits on different aspects in regards to psychology of motivation.

Athletic Insight - An article covering a study done on a relationship between self-determined sport motivation and sportpersonship orientations. 

Motivation - Presents several theories of motivation and how they can potentially make up a high achiever or low achiever. 

Competitive Advantage - Talks about sport psychology and how to gain a competitive advantage in the game of softball. 

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